Monday, 4 August 2014

US-Africa summit 2014 Underway

A historic event which will see United States President Barack Obama welcoming fifty African Heads of State during a three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit, under the theme “Investing in the Next Generation.” Is currently underway in the United States of America.

Ministry of Health and Sanitation's Ebola outbreak update:

 As of today, 2nd August 2014, we have 143 cumulative number of survivors, 540 confirmed Ebola cases and 198Ebola confirmed deaths.

Fighting an Enemy, Changing Media Narrative

John Baimba Sesay-China

Developing nations are often faced with challenges such as fixing up their infrastructures; economies, addressing governance issues including corruption, poverty, international media propaganda and a host of others.

World Bank Revitalizes Education Development in Sierra Leone with US$17.9Million and US$5.5 Million

The World Bank has in the form of a grant, make available the sum of more than twenty million United States Dollars to uplifting educational development in Sierra Leone.

Deputy Energy Minister I Subscribes to Oath of Office

  By State House Communications Unit 

The newly appointed Deputy Minister of Energy I, Distribution and Supply, has subscribed to the oath of office during a well attended swearing-in ceremony held at State House, Freetown.